Santa Prassede Church Todi

The Santa Prassede Church is located in the Borgo district of Todi. Next to the church is a monastery and the most interesting artwork was created by the Belgian painter Hendrick de Klerk.

Santa Prassede Church Todi

Useful Information

Santa Prassed Church Todi
Santa Prassede Church

The address of the Chiesa di Santa Prassede is Via di Santa Prassede – 06059 Todi (tel. +39 075882354). Opening hours: Unknown. Entrance fee: Free.

Special Events

Every year on May 22, the Feast of Santa Rita is held at the church, during which blessed roses are distributed to churchgoers.

History and description

The Santa Prassede Church is located in the square of the same name and is named after the daughter of a Roman senator, the martyr Santa Prassede, to whom a very beautiful church in Rome is also dedicated. Praxedes’ father had kept Saint Paul hidden in his home.

The Santa Prassede Church in Todi was built in the year 1320 by the Augustinian Order, who did use an older structure, probably from the beginning of the 12th century.

The church was completely rebuilt between the 12th and 13th centuries. The facade consists of alternating white and red stripes of stone. The entrance gate is in the form of a pointed arch, graced by columns.

What to see

The painting “The Descent from the Cross” is the work of the Belgian painter Hendrick De Clerk. In 1860, when the Augustinian Order had to leave the church because religious orders were forbidden, they wanted to take this painting with them, but the inhabitants of the Borgo neighborhood where the church is located prevented it by bricking up the door.

“The Ecstasy of Santa Rita da Cascia” was painted in the 7th century by Giacinto Brandi.

In the atrium are fragments of frescoes painted either by Cola Petruccioli or Piero di Puccio.

Santa Prassede Church, Todi

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