Santa Susanna Church Rome

Rome - Santa Susanna Church

De Santa Susanna Church (officially Santa Susanna alle Terme di Diocleziano) is located near the Church of Santa Maria della Vittoria (which it greatly resembles) along the Via XX Settembre in Rome. At the moment the church is being restored and cannot be visited.

Santa Susanna Church Rome

Address, Opening Hours and Admission

Santa Susanna Church Rome
Santa Susanna Church

The address of the Chiesa di Santa Susanna alle Terme di Diocleziano is Via XX Settembre, 15 – Rome (tel. +39 0642013734 or 0642014554). District: Rione Trevi. Metro: Repubblica. Opening hours: Closed at the moment. Admission: Can only be seen from outside. Official site:

History and description

The Church of Santa Susanna at the Diocletian Baths is built at the spot where the saint for which it was named was martyred. The Christian convert Susanna had not only refused to venerate Jupiter, but had also declined to marry the adopted son of the Emperor Diocletian, who then ordered her to be beheaded.

The original plan of the church was that of a basilica, as can be deduced from the windows (now cemented).

In 1475 Pope Sixtus IV ordered an extensive renovation and in 1595 Cardinal Risticucci had its size reduced.

The facade was designed in 1603, by Carlo Rainaldi. It is considered to be one of the highlights of baroque architecture. Its bottom half is decorated with two niches containing statues by Valsodo. The corresponding statues of the upper half were made by Stefano Maderno.

The interior consists of a single nave.

Tourist Attractions Church of Santa Susanna

  • The frescoes depicting “Events from the Lives of Susanna the Roman Martyr and Susanna from the Bible” were painted by Baldassare Croce.
  • “The Martyrdom of Saint Felicita and her Seven Children” on the right wall of the presbyterium was painted by Paris Nogari.
  • Tommasi Laureti painted the “Beheading of Santa Susanna”, above the main altar.
  • Domenico Fontana designed the Chapel of San Giovanni Battista (on the left). The paintings in this chapel are by Giovan Battista Pozzo.
  • There are some big statues inside the church (two on each side and two more in the presbyterium). These were ade by Antonio Paracea.
  • The apse mosaics were added in the 8th century.

Via XX Settembre, 15 – Rome

Trevi district

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