Sant’Agata Church Florence

The Sant’Agata Church, which today serves as the chapel of the Military Hospital, is located on the Via San Gallo in Florence. The main attraction of this church is an altarpiece painted by Alessandro Allori.

Sant’Agata Church Florence

Opening hours and entrance fee

Opening hours: Unknown. Entrance: Free.

History and description

Over the centuries, the Chiesa di Sant’Agata has been the property of several nunneries. It was originally founded around 1185, but its current appearance is mainly due to a restoration in 1569.

The “Wedding at Cana” was painted by Allori on behalf of Lorenzo Pucci. It is during this wedding that Jesus performed his first miracle by turning water into wine.

Giovanni Bizzelli was responsible for the frescoes “The Martyrdom” and “The Funeral of Sant’Agata”.

Address and public transport

The address of the Sant’Agata Church is Via San Gallo, 29 – Florence. The nearest bus stop is Libertà (1, 7, 25, 82, 307 A, C1).

Sant’Agata Church- Via San Gallo 29, Florence

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