Sant’Andrea Church Viterbo

Sant'Andrea Church Viterbo

The Sant’Andrea Church is an ancient church in the historic center of Viterbo. The main highlight of this church, apart from its Romanesque façade, is its beautiful crypt.

Sant’Andrea Church Viterbo

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Sant'Andrea Church Viterbo
Sant’Andrea Church

Address: Via della Fontana, 31, 01100 Viterbo. Phone: +39 0761 347334.

The Sant’Andrea Church in Viterbo was built towards the end of the 12th century. The church was first (14th century) the seat of the Fruit and Vegetable Sellers’ Guild (Arte degli Ortolani) and later (15th century) of the Herbalists’ Guild (Arte degli Speziali).

The Romanesque façade is characterized by a bell gable.

Sant'Andrea Church Viterbo

The Sant’Andrea Church consists of a single nave. The main altar is located on an elevation relative to the rest of the church.

The presbytery ends in three apses, illuminated by extremely small monophores. The vault of the central apse is decorated with what is left of a fresco depicting the symbols of the Evangelists.

When this old church was bombed, only the underground crypt remained. Reconstruction of the church was started immediately.

The Gothic crypt, buried until the early 20th century and then excavated on behalf of Bishop Grasselli, is the most beautiful part of the church. It can be visited through two entrances on either side of the presbytery.

In the past, on the feast day of Sant’Andrea, people used to have chocolate fish placed in the baptismal font for the faithful, since on this day in Viterbo it is customary to give such a fish to relatives and loved ones. On the night of November 30, children put a plate on the windowsill so that the saint can place a chocolate fish on it. The origin of this custom is not known.

Sant’Andrea Church, Viterbo

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