Sant’Anna dei Lombardi Church Naples (or Monteoliveto Church)

The Sant’Anna dei Lombardi Church is located in the Piazza Monteoliveto in Naples. It is also called Chiesa di Monteoliveto. The architect Domenico Fontana is buried in this church.

Sant’Anna dei Lombardi Church Naples

Address, opening times and ticket price

Tomb of Domencio Fontana, Sant'Anna dei Lombardi, Naples
The Tomb of Domenico Fontana

The address of the church is Piazza Monteoliveto – 80134 Naples (+39 0815513333). Bus: 201, 460, C55, N3, N8, R1, R4. One can enter for free and it is open from 09:00 to 13:00 and from 16:00 to 18:00.

History and description

Construction of the Monteoliveto Church began in 1411. It was not named Sant’Anna dei Lombardi until 1799, when it was assigned to the Lombard Brotherhood. This religious brotherhood had been forced to abandon their previous church.

King Alfonso I later had the church enlarged.

Gaetano Sacco was the architect of a reconstruction that took place in the 17th century.

After the Second World War an extensive restoration of the facade was necessary.

What to see

The Oratorio del Santo Sepolcro contains a “Pietà” by Guido Mazzoni, consisting of seven life-size figures standing around the lifeless body of Christ. The sculpture group is made of terracotta and dates back to 1492. Two of the figures have the faces of the Aragonese rulers. Unfortunately, the original colors can no longer be seen.

The Piccolomini Chapel, left of the atrium, is a replica of the one in the San Miniato al Monte Church in Florence. This chapel contains the tomb of Maria d’Aragona, which was desigend by Antonio Rossellini and Benedetto da Maiano. Rossellini was also responsible for the “Birth and Saints” on the altar.

The chapel to the right of the atrium is the Terranova Chapel. Among its decorations is a “Annunciation” by Benedetto di Maiano.

The ceiling of the Sagrestia Vecchia was painted by Vasari in 1544. The paintings have the “Allegories and Symbols of Faith” as their theme. Giovanni da Verona was responsible for the inlaid wood panels of the sacristy.

The famous architect Domenico Fontana is buried in the atrium of the church. Fontana (1543-1607) was the favorite architect of the Pope. In Rome he worked on St. Peter’s Basilica (the lantern of the dome), St. Mary Major (the Cappella del Presepe) and St. John Lateran. After he was accused of misappropriating funds, he fled to Naples. Here he constructed the Palazzo Reale.

The tomb of Domenico Fontana

Sights near the Sant’Anna dei Lombardi Church

The Palazzo Gravina is a 16th century building across the road from the church. The portal dates back to the 18th century. Like the church, its architecture shows Tuscan elements. The courtyard is decorated with the coats of arms and portraits of theoriginal owners, the Orsini di Gravina. At present it is the seat of the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Naples.

Sant’Anna dei Lombardi Church, Napels

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