Santissima Trinità Church Anguillara Sabazia

The Santissima Trinità Church in Anguillara Sabazia has unfortunately been deconsecrated. Because of the state of decay in which it finds itself, it is now more the 40 years since the building had last been used for its original purpose.

Santissima Trinità Church Anguillara Sabazia

History and description

The Chiesa della Santissima Trinità was founded in the early 17th century. This first church was much smaller, consisting of no more than a small chapel containing an image of the Holy Trinity.

In 1689, a real church was constructed, consisting of a single nave. Construction of the church had been paid for by alms donated by the common people of Anguillara.

What to see

The image of the Madonna, depicted with the saints Giuseppe and Domenico, was subsequently placed in the new church.


Since the church is located near the municipal cemetery, it used to be the church most often used for religious services commemorating the dead.

Useful information

Address: Via della Mola Vecchia, snc. The building has been abandoned and can only be viewed from outside.

Santissima Trinità Church, Anguillara Sabazia

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