Santissima Trinità Church Assisi (Rivotorto)

The Church of the Most Holy Trinity (Santissima Trinità) stands on a hill east of the center of Rivotorto, a sub-municipality of Assisi.

Santissima Trinità Church Assisi (Rivotorto)

Address, opening times and ticket price

Address: Via Santissima Trinità, 7 – Assisi. Opening hours: Not known.

History and description

In the Middle Ages, the Santissima Trinità Church was part of a nursing home called Sancti Savini. The church is the only building of this complex, which also used to provide hospitality to pilgrims, that still exists.

It was built between the 11th and 12th centuries on a temple dating back to Roman times. The site was chosen because Blessed Angela of Foligno received a vision of the Trinity here, while on a pilgrimage to Assisi.

After the war, the church was left to its own devices and fell into disrepair. This lasted until the 1970s, when it was decided to restore the church. This also uncovered some Roman inscriptions and urns.

The only frescoes decorating the church are in the apse. These are a “Holy Trinity,” a “Saint Francis,” and a “Saint Roch.” The latter, San Rocco in Italian, was the patron saint of pilgrims.

Santissima Trinità Kerk Assisi (Rivotorto)

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