Santo Stefano Church Assisi

Santo Stefano Church Assisi

The Church of Santo Stefano is one of the smaller churches of Assisi and was built in the 12th century. The bell tower of this church is said to have sounded at the time St. Francis breathed his last. The little church has hardly changed over the centuries.

Santo Stefano Church Assisi

Address, opening hours and entrance fee

Address: Vicolo Santo Stefano – Assisi. Phone: +39 075813085. Opening hours: From Easter to October 5th (day of St. Francis): 08.30 – 21.30. The rest of the year 08.30 – 17.30. Entrance fee: Free of charge. (Note: Due to the Covid crisis, opening hours may vary from the ones indicated).

History and description

Santo Stefano Church Assisi
Santo Stefano Church

The Chiesa di Santo Stefano consists of a single nave with Gothic columns, ending in a semi-circular apse. The walls are painted with 15th and 16th century frescoes.

It is among the oldest churches in the city and, since its construction in the 12th century, has hardly undergone any changes.

The only decorations in this extremely austere church are the “Madonna and Saints” fresco and what is left of the fresco “Christ on the Cross”.

Santo Stefano Church, Assisi

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