Scalinata della Pace Lenola

The Scalinata della Pace (“Stairway of Peace”) leads from the Piazza Cavour in the center of Lenola to the Santuario della Madonna del Colle, located almost 500 meters above sea level. The 110 step staircase was designed by Giuseppe Quinto.

Scalinata della Pace Lenola

Useful information

Address: The steps start at the Piazza Cavour.

History and description

Scalinata della Pace Lenola
Scalinata della Pace

The Scalinata della Pace was completed in 1987 under the direction of local architect and sculptor Giuseppe Quinto. Graced with beautiful mosaics with peace motifs, the steps begin at Piazza Cavour and follow the route of a staircase already laid out earlier (1925).

The first, narrow and only slowly ascending, part of the staircase runs through the rione Colle and widens when one reaches a square. The square itself is paved with stones depicting ancient children’s games. The right wall of the square is decorated with sculptures carved into a rock, depicting playing children and a nursing mother. The sculptures are also by Giuseppe Quinto.

Having crossed the square, the staircase becomes steeper.

Of what used to be the Porta del Colle, only the hinges remain. This is where the countryside used to start and, according to a legend, the Madonna once appeared here to one Gabriel Mattei.

What to see

Of the 110 steps, 83 are decorated. This work was done by French artist Bruno Amman, with the help of sketches from artists around the world.

Scalinata della Pace Lenola

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