Settecamini Archaeological Area Rome

The Settecamini Archaeological Area is located along the Via Tiburtina in the Settecammini district in the very outskirts of Rome. The archaeological area contains a stretch of the ancient Via Tiburtina and the ruins of a post station.

Settecamini Archaeological Area Rome

Useful information

Address: Via di Casal Bianco  – Via Tiburtina Km 13,850-14,180 – Rome. Phone: +39 06 0608 (information line city of Rome). Opening times: Only by appointment. Ticket price: 4 Euros.

Settecamini Archaeological Area Rome
Settecamini Archaeological Area (Via Tiburtina Antica)

History and description


Until the mid-19th century, the area was not known as Settecammini yet. In the Middle Ages it was called Campo dei Sette Fratelli, in reference to Santa Sinforosa and her seven sons who had been tortured and martyred in the times of Emperor Hadrian.

Later the name Osteria del Forno came to be used, after a local farmhouse.

Archaeological area

The actual Archaeological Area is located behind the 18th century church of San Francesco on the Via di Casal Bianco.

It contains a cobblestoned section of the Via Tiburtina Antica and a paved square. The remaining ruins are on the south side of the ancient street and used to be a post station.

A portico opens onto the square, while two entrances give access to a courtyard with a central well.

The opus reticulatum building technique and the remaining mosaics indicate that the building had been constructed in the 1st century BC.

It was probably in use until the 5th century AD.

Settecamini Archaeological Area Rome

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