Shopping in Verona

The main shopping street in Verona is the Via Mazzini, which connects the Piazza Bra and the Piazza delle Erbe. Here you will find both exclusive fashion brands and affiliates of the main international chains.

Shopping in Verona

Main shopping streets

Verona’s main shopping street is the wide pedestrian street Via Mazzini, with shops and boutiques representing both the cheapest and most exclusive brand names.

Another interesting, and definitely more intimate, street is the Corso Porta Borsari. Here you will find smaller stores and the atmosphere is less hectic. There are also several cafes in this street.

A third important shopping street is the Corso Sant’Anastasio, especially interesting for antique lovers. Some of the shops in this street are amongst the oldest ones of the city.

Interesting side streets in the historical center are the Via Stella, the Via Cappello, Via Sottoriva and Via Quattro Spade. (The Via Cappello, thanks to the presence of Juliet’s Balcony, tends to have many shop selling tourist trinkets.)

The Veronetta district across the river is where you will find shops for the young and trendy.


One of the most interesting shops on Via Mazzini is the Fiorucci store Love Therapy (Via Mazzini, 4). The small boutique Cecile (Via Salvatore Corte Reggia 9), sells vintage Prada, Cavalli and Valentino, and on Corso Santa Anastasia 36 is Fatto a Mano (which literally means “Made by Hand”) where clothes designed by young Italian designers are made with silk sourced from Thailand.


Salumeria Albertini (Corso Santa Anastasia 41) is perfect for dried porcini, handmade tortellini and a wide selection of wines sourced from the region – as well as the strong herbal drink amaro made by the Allegrini family.


The main street for antiques is the Via Sant’Anastasio. Whoever finds himself visiting Verona on the first Sunday of the month, should visit Verona Antiquaria in the San Zeno district. This is an antique fair with more than 200 stalls, with vendors from all over the north of Italy. The objects on sale include furniture, vintage clothing, jewelry and other objects, collector’s items of various kinds, but also works of art and jewelry by young, trendy designers.


One of the best places to go book-shopping in Verona is a shop called “Il Minotauro”, in the Via Castello. Apart from books, you can also get used cd’s and dvd’s here, and there is a quiet coffee bar where you can sit and browse.

The Libreria Antiquaria Perini (Via Sciesa, 11) is exactly what the name says. Here you will find antique books, ancient maps and prints, ecc.

The bookstore “Pagina 12” is in the Corte Sgarzerie, 6A. This store is often used for presentations of new books. The setting is gorgeous since the store faces a square with an ancient Roman criptoportico in the middle.


Verona is one of Italy’s most important jewellery centers, which is reflected in the large number of jewellery shops that can be found there. The best place to start is the already mentioned Corso Porta Borsari.

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