Church of San Simeone Piccolo Venice

The Church of San Simeone Piccolo in Venice is located across the Canal Grande in front of the central station Santa Lucia. It was the first church of the city with a round floor plan and is easily recognizable because of its immense copper green dome.

San Simeone Piccolo Church Venice

Useful information

Interior, San Simeone Piccolo Church

Address: Chiesa di San Simeon, Fondamenta San Simeone Piccolo, 693, 30135 Venezia. Sestiere: Santa Croce. Phone: +39 . Opening hours: Not available. Admission: Not available.

History and description

The present San Simeone Piccolo was built between 1718 and 1738 on top of an 11th century foundation. Apart from the inauguration date (June 12th, 2171), not much is known of the original church.

The architect was Giovanni Scalfarotto, who clearly used the Roman Pantheon as an inspiration for his design. Scalfarotto was a disciple of Palladio and a precursor of neoclassicist architecture.

The reconstruction was paid for through a lottery organized by the church itself. The main prize, an indulgence, was given out 14 times a year.

Since the church was dedicated to the Apostle Simon and not to the more important prophet Simon, it is named San Simeone Piccolo. There is also a church dedicated to the prophet in Venice, which is obviously called San Simeone Grande.

The statue crowning the green copper dome depicts Christ the Redeemer.


The octagonal crypt is the only catacomb in Venice. From the central altar, four hallways lead to 24 rooms, most of which are frescoed. The paintings depict the “Stations of the Cross”, “Death” and several events described in the Old Testament. Several rooms have been cemented closed. None of the tombs have names.

Chiesa di San Simeon Piccolo, Venezia

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