Stabilimento FIAT Lingotto Turin

The Stabilimento FIAT Lingotto is located about three kilometers south of the center of Turin. The famous architect Renzo Piano has transformed this former FIAT factory into a congress and exhibition center. There is also a shopping center and there are two luxury hotels.

Stabilimento FIAT Lingotto Turin

Useful information

Address: Via Nizza, 250 – Torino. Bus: 1, 18, 24, 35, 93/, 101, S18 (Stop 53 – FINALMARINA). Opening times (mall): 10.00 till 21.00. (NB: Restaurants and cafes stay open till 23.00, supermarkets open at 09.00.)

History and description

Shortly after FIAT was founded in 1899, a factory was built in the Corso Dante. However, this soon proved too small. It was therefore decided to build a new, larger version in the southern part of Turin.

In 1912 work began on this new structure. Several architects (Giacomo Mattè Trucco, Francesco Cartasegna, Vittorio Bonadè Bottino, and others) contributed to the project, but it is not possible to say exactly who did what.

In 1916, the construction of the first section began, soon followed by the main structure. It had 5 floors and was supported by a network of reinforced concrete pilasters.

In 1919 the first plans were made for a one-kilometer-long test track on the roof of this building, and five years later a spiral ramp to this roof was constructed. A second ramp followed after the construction of a new building connecting the existing sections.

Although inaugurated in 1923, the entire plant was not completed until 1929. It was in operation until 1982.

In that year, a competition was held to rebuild the complex. There were no winners, however, and in the end Renzo Piano was appointed architect for the new project.

Piano converted the old factory buildings into a convention center. There is a shopping street (8 Gallery) and there are two large hotels within the complex (NH Lingotto Tech and l’NH Lingotto). With all this luxury, of course, a landing strip for helicopters also needed to be built.

The “Bubble” is an enormous meeting room 40 meters from the ground. It offers a perfect panoramic view over the Alps.

There is also room for culture, in the form of a large cinema but especially the Giovanni and Marella Agnelli Pinacotheque. The Auditorium, praised for its perfect acoustics, can hold up to 2,000 spectators.

In 1998 the administration of FIAT itself returned to a part of the complex restored by Roberto Gabetti and Aimaro Isola.


The name Lingotto derives from the district where the former factory is located. Other attractions in this neighborhood are the Automobile Museum and Eatily.

Stabilimento FIAT Lingotto Turin

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