Stele di Matteotti Rome

The Stele di Matteotti in Rome is named for the socialist leader Giacomo Matteotti, who was murdered in 1924. Fifty years after Matteotti‘s death, in 1974, the stele was placed on the Ponte Giacomo Matteotti, which connects the Lungotevere Arnaldo da Brescia to the Lungotevere delle Armi.

Stele di Matteotti Rome

History and description

The statue is very tall and reminds the viewer of an obelisk. It is made of gilded bronze, by Iorio Vivarelli.

The socialist leader Giacomo Matteotti was abducted from this spot by the fascist dictatorship. This happened after he had denounced the undemocratic methods and goals of this dictatorship in parliament. He was then murdered and his body was left somewhere along the Via Cassia.

In 1974, 50 years after his death a monument in his honour was placed by the bridge that had already been dedicated to him.

Stele di Matteotti, Roma

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