Strada Garibaldi Parma

The Strada Giuseppe Garibaldi in Parma runs parallel to the Parma River. The street merges into the Via Trento on the north side and continues on the south side as Strada Giordano Cavestro. Interesting buildings along this street are the Palazzo della Pilotta, the Teatro Regio and the Madonna della Steccata Church.

Strada Garibaldi Parma

History and desciprion

The Strada Garibaldi is flanked by the neoclassical Teatro Regio, which was constructed in 1829. The Teatro Regio is one of the most famous theaters in Italy. Its hall has four tiers of boxes.

The most impressive building along the street is the Palazzo della Pilotta, which is the seat of the Galleria Nazionale.

Slightly further south is the Sant’Alessandro Church.

The church on the other side of the street is the Santa Maria della Steccata Basilica. The main attractions of this church are a Pietà sculpture group by Tommaso Bandini, frescoes by Parmigianino and several tombs of members of aristocratic families.

On the square next to the church is a monument for the local painter Parmigianino (1503-1540).

Where to go next

On the southern end of the Strada Garibaldi, you can turn right into the the Strada Mazzini. This street leads to the river and the Ponte di Mezzo bridge. Nearby you can dee the ruins of a Roman bridge, probably built during the reign of Augustus.

Strada Garibaldi, Parma

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