Taxi Florence

Like everywhere else in Italy, taxi rates in Florence are regulated by law. Normally they depend on the length (or duration) of the ride, but for certain stretches (from and to the Amerigo Vespucci Airport and between the different train stations of the city) there are fixed fares.

Taxi Florence

Taxi between Florence city centre and the airport

All fares have to be clearly on display inside the taxi.

The price of a taxi between Amerigo Vespucci Airport and the city centre is 20 Euro. On public holidays it is 22 Euro during the day (06.00 to 22.00 hours). At night (22.00 to 06.00) this is 23 Euros. For each piece of baggage (maximum 5) you pay 1 Euro extra.

Taxi numbers

The telephone numbers of Florence taxi companies are as follows: (+39) 0554242, 0554390, 0554499, 0554798 or 0552001326. When you call a taxi company, you will get an extra 1,96 Euro on the meter and when you call from one of the neighboring municipalities, it will be 3,92 Euro.

Taxis within Florence

There are fixed rates for taxis within Florence. There is a starting rate and a minimum amount at the end of the trip. Within the city and directly adjacent municipalities, rate 1 is valid. During the ride, the rate per kilometre (or per unit of time) will slowly increase.

On weekdays the starting rate is 3,30 Euro. The minimum price at the end of the trip is 5 Euro.

On Sundays and public holidays the starting rate is 5,30 Euro and the minimum at the destination is 7 Euro.

At night the meter starts at 6,60 Euro. At the end of the trip the minimum is 8,30 Euro.

Taxi fares outside Florence

The starting amounts and the minimum rates are the same as in the city. However, from the city border onward, rate 2 takes effect. Any tolls are to be paid by the passenger.

Fixed fares

In addition to the abovementioned fixed price of a taxi between Amerigo Vespucci airport and Florence city centre, there are also fixed fares for rides between Santa Maria Novella central station and the other stations in Florence, Campo Marte and Rifredi. This is 10 Euro (plus possible extras for holidays, etc.).

Extra Charges

For rides vauit or to the municipalities of Bagno a Ripoli, Calenzano, Campi B., Fiesole, Impruneta, Lastra a Signa, Scandicci, Sesto Fiorentino and Signa there is a supplement of 1 Euro.

For each passenger from the 4th there is a supplement of 1 Euro.

For each piece of baggage (maximum 5) there is a supplement of 1 Euro.

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