Taxi Naples, rates and rules

In Naples, as everywhere else in Italy, there are rules for how much one may charge for a cab ride and, as elsewhere in Italy, these rules are often not followed. In addition to the normal time- and distance-based rates, there are fixed prices to and from the airport and the Molo Beverello port.

Taxi Naples

Rules and regulations

In theory, when the customer gets in, cab drivers should turn on their taximeter (except for rides to and from the ports and Capodichino Airport, to name a few, where one can choose to pay a fixed price – see below), after which it increases gradually depending on the distance traveled or the driving time.

Personal Experience: A few years ago we wanted to go from the Naples train station to the Molo Beverello, which has a fixed price. The driver wanted to turn on the meter and when we pointed out to him that we knew there was a set fare we were kicked out of the cab without mercy.

Cab fares Naples

  • On weekdays from 07:00 to 22:00 the starting fare is 3 Euro. The minimum, at the end of the ride, is 4,50 Euro.
  • During the night and on Sundays and holidays the starting rate is 5,50 Euro.
  • Every 65 meters or every 10 seconds of standstill, 0,05 Euro will be added.
  • There is a supplement of 1 Euro if you called a cab center.
  • For a ride from Capodichino to the city there is a supplement of 4 Euro. From the city to the airport the supplement is 2.60 Euro.
  • For each piece of luggage larger than 40 by 30 by 20 cm there is a supplement of 0.50 Euro.
  • For larger cabs, one pays 1 Euro extra for each passenger from the 5th.
  • The rates double outside the city limits.

Special Taxi Rates Naples

For rides to and from the central station, the airport, and the ports, one can also choose to pay a fixed price. However, this should be indicated immediately upon entering the cab.

  • The fixed price between the central station and Capodichino is 15.50 Euro. This also applies to hotels near the central station.
  • The fixed price between the central station and Molo Beverello is 10.50 Euro.
  • Between the airport and Molo Beverello, the fixed price is 19 Euro.

Furthermore, fixed prices are also available between the airport, the station and the port and (hotels in) certain parts of the city.

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