Teatro degli Industri Grosseto

The Teatro degli Industri is the most important and famous theater in Grosseto. It has been subject to numerous restorations over the years. The last time this happened was in 1990.

Teatro degli Industri Grosseto

Address and opening times

The address of the theater is Via Mazzini, 99 – 58100 Grosseto. The nearest bus stop is Grosseto Gramsci. Opening hours and ticket prices depend on the performance.


Teatro degli Industri Grosseto
Teatro degli Industri

The Teatro degli Industri began its existence in 1819 and was commissioned by the Accademia degli Industri. At that time it was a single auditorium with room for about 500 spectators.

After some modifications had already been made in 1869, the architects Augusto ;Corbi and Ferdinando Ponticelli provided a larger extension between 1888 and 1892. A horseshoe-shaped hall was created, with room for 800 spectators.

In 1928, by this time the theater had become privately owned, the facade was reconstructed, along with the entrance and the reception hall.

In 1938 it came into the hands of the municipality and from the end of World War II it was increasingly used for the screening of films.

In 1966, a new restoration was needed due to a flood. The architect Giuliano Bernardini immediately had some changes made.

Between 1989 and 1990, as part of a Tuscan initiative to upgrade the theaters in the region, a new restoration took place, under the architect Giancarlo Fedeli.

Teatro degli Industri – Via Mazzini 99, Grosseto

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