Teatro delle Muse Ancona

The Teatro delle Muse is a 19th century opera house in Ancona. After being closed for more than 50 years, it reopened in 2002. Of the original neo-classicist style building, actually only the façade, with six columns, remains.

Teatro delle Muse Ancona

Useful information

The address of the Teatro delle Muse is via della Loggia – 60121 Ancona (tel. +39 071207841). Admission and hours depend on the event.

History and description Teatro delle Muse

Teatro delle Muse Ancona
Teatro delle Muse

The Teatro delle Muse was designed and built in 1826 by the architect Pietro Ghinelli in neo-classicist style. It served as a theater until World War II. After a fire had destroyed the roof and a large part of the interior, it remained closed for almost 50 years. After a long period of restoration by the architects Danilo Guerri and Paola Salmoni, it reopened in 2002.

Of the original building, only the façade, with six columns, remains. The pediment is decorated with high-reliefs depicting Apollo and the seven muses.

The interior has been completely renovated and the original structure of the interior has also been completely changed. There are more than one thousand seats and the stage covers an area of almost 400 square meters.

Teatro delle Muse Ancona

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