Teatro Verdi Padua

The Teatro Verdi is the most important theatre in Padua. It was built in the mid-18th century. The current architecture is the result of several renovations in the course of the centuries.

Teatro Verdi Padua

Useful information

Address: Via dei Livello, 32, 35139 Padua. Telephone: (+39) 049 8777011.

History and description

The Teatro Verdi was inaugurated on June 11, 1751. At that time it was still called Teatro Nuovo. Those who commissioned its construction were a group of Paduan aristocrats. Its design was by Antonio Cugini while construction was in the hands of Giovanni Gloria.

Giuseppe Jappelli was the architect of a restoration in 1848. During this renovation the curved facade, with a portico with eleven arches was created. These arches would later be closed.

After yet another restoration, the theatre got its current name in 1884. This renovation was the work of Achille Sfondrini. The auditorium and foyer are the result of his work. Sfondrini, from Milan, had already designed the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome six years earlier.

Teatro Verdi, Padua

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