Tempietto di Sant’Andrea Rome

The Tempietto di Sant’Andrea is located near the beginning of the Via Flaminia in Rome. The little temple is also known as the Sant’Andrea del Vignola Church, after the architect who designed it. Unfortunately, this church is almost always closed.

Tempietto di Sant’Andrea Rome

Address, hours and tickets

Tempietto di Sant'Andrea Rome
Tempietto di Sant’Andrea

Address: Via Flaminia 194/Via Luigi Canina – Rome. Telephone: Unknown. Opening Hours: The church is open only on Sunday mornings for the 9 a.m. morning Mass. Admission: Free.

History and Description

The Tempietto di Sant’Andrea was commissioned by Pope Julius III in 1553. The architect was Jacopo Barozzi da Vignola, who along with some peers was also in charge of the simultaneously built Villa Giulia (the current seat of Rome’s National Etruscan Museum).

The Pope had the church built in response to a vow he had made when having been spared during the Plunder of Rome by the Landsknechts in 1527.

Between 1826 and 1830, the dome and interior of the church were restored by Giuseppe Valadier and others. At the time, Valadier was also renovating the nearby Piazza del Popolo.

In 1950, the colorful floor was restored.

A 1977 restoration, in which the dome was clad in bronze, was undone toward the end of the 20th century.

The grayish type of marble called peperino was used for the facade.

Tempietto di Sant’Andrea – Via Flaminia, Rome