Temple Of Hadrian Rome

What remains of the Temple of Hadrian is located in the Piazza di Pietra in the rione Colonna in the center of Rome.

Temple Of Hadrian Rome

Address, opening hours and admission

Temple of Hadrian Rome (relief on base of column)
Relief on the base of one of the columns

Address: Piazza di Pietra – Rome. The monument can only be seen from outside.

History and description

The Temple of Hadrian was built by Antoninus Pius in 145 AD and of course it was dedicated to the Emperor Hadrian.

There is very little left of the original building, except for a row of eleven columns that used to form its northern side. The architrave, which has been restored, was adorned with small palm trees and the heads of lions.

The entrance to the Temple of Hadrian used to be on the east side. There were 15 columns on each of its long sides and 8 on each of its short sides.

The reliefs that used to decorate the plinths that rested on semicolumns on the inside are partly kept in the Museo Archeologico Nazionale in Naples and partly in the Palazzo dei Conservatori (Capitoline Museums). The reliefs personified the Roman provinces.

In the 17th century Carlo Fontana incorporated the remaining columns into what is now the Borsa (Stock Exhange) building.

Piazza di Pietra – Rome

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