Temple of Venus Cloacina Rome

The Temple of Venus Cloacina is a monument in the Roman Forum in Rome. Not much more remains of it than its circular base.

Temple of Venus Cloacina Rome

Practical information

The Sacello di Venere Cloacina is one of the monuments in the Roman Forum. Its address, opening hours and entrance fee are those of the Forum and Colosseum.

History and description

The Temple of Venus Cloacina is located next to the Basilica Aemilia. The monument consists of a circular marble base on which originally rested a small building.

The temple was built after the Romans and Sabines ended the war that had erupted in response to the historical episode known as the Rape of the Sabine Virgins. At the site where the temple was to be built, Romulus and Titus Tatius made peace and cleansed themselves with myrtle.

Thanks to images on some coins, it is known that the roof was open. Within a circular enclosure were statues of the Goddesses Cloacina and Venus.

Cloacina, the goddess of the Cloaca Maxima, the open canal constructed in the Roman Forum around 600 BC, was a more ancient goddess, while Venus was added only later, when the two deities began to be identified with each other.

The base of the temple consists of eight layers of stone. It is thus thought that the temple needed to be rebuilt several times due to the rise of the ground level in the Forum.

Temple of Venus Cloacina, Forum Romanum, Rome