Temple of Vesta Tivoli

The Temple of Vesta is located right next to the Temple of Sibilla outside the historical center of Tivoli. From the Ponte Gregoriano one has a nice view of both temples.

Temple of Vesta Tivoli

Useful information

Tempel van Vesta Tivoli
Temple of Vesta Tivoli

Adres: Piazza del Tempio di Vesta, 1-7 – 00019 Tivoli.

Geschiedenis en beschrijving

The Tempio di Vesta is a 1st century BC Roman monument.

Beginning in the 18th century, the monument, located on the highest point of the ancient acropolis, has remained one of the most painted temples in Italy.

Scholars do not fully agree on whether or not the temple was really dedicated to Vesta. Alternative theories claim that the monument could have been dedicated to either Tiburno or Hercules.

The Temple of Vesta has a circular floor plan. The remaining 10 of the originally 18 Corinthian columns have cannelures. The peristilium has a coffered ceiling of travertine marble.

Piazza del Tempio di Vesta, 1-7 – Tivoli