Tiburtino District Rome (Q. VI)

Tiburtino (Q. VI) is the official name of this district in Rome, but most Romans refer to it as San Lorenzo. The latter, however, is just one part of the quartiere, but it is here that most of Rome‘s students live, thanks to the presence of the La Sapienza University.

Tiburtino district Rome (Q. VI)

History and description

Saint Lawrence outside the Walls, Tiburtino district Rome
Saint Lawrence outside the Walls Basilica

Apart from the division in so-called rioni and quartieri there often is another division and that is the way the Romans themselves call parts of the city. Initially, in 1915, when the first quartieri were named, Tiburtino and San Lorenzo covered exactly the same area, but in 1931 the district was enlarged and the following year Casal Bertone was added. Thus the official Tibertino district became bigger, whereas the popular name of San Lorenzo stuck with the original part of the new quartiere.

Surprisingly, despite the huge student population Tiburtino is one of the areas with the highest average age in Rome.

Tiburtino District Rome Sights

San Lorenzo is clearly the main attraction of the area. Although it is not a very picturesque neighbourhood (apart from the parts close to the city walls) it oozes atmosphere. Especially on Friday and Saturday nights, when traffic is not allowed into most of its streets, it can be extremely cozy.

The Cimitero del Verano is a beautiful and well-kept church-yard and also the Città Universitaria is in Tiburtino.

The Basilica di San Lorenzo Fuori Le Mura (Saint Lawrence Outside the Walls) is one of Rome’s patriarchal basilicas. San Lorenzo himself is buried in the church, as is Italy’s very first prime minister, Alcide de Gasperi.

Eating in Tiburtino

Thanks to the students’ presence in the area, there are of course many cheap place to eat. A perennenial favorite is Formula 1, one of the oldest and best pizzerias in the city.

A famous trattoria, recommended by many guidebooks, is Tram-Tram, near the Verano cemetery.

Quartiere Tiburtino – Rome

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