Tomb of the Horatii and Curiatii Albano Laziale

The Tomb of the Horatii and Curiatii is a huge monument along the Via Appia near the city of Albano Laziale. However, the heroes the tomb is named for are not actually buried here. It is not even known whose tomb it really is.

Tomb of the Horatii and Curiatii Albano Laziale

Address, opening hours and ticket price

The address of the Tomb of Orazi and Curiazi is Borgo Garibaldi. To visit the excavations, one must consult the Museo Civico Albano in advance (Address: Viale Risorgimento 3, tel. +39 069325759 or 069323490).

History and description

Horatii and Curiatii Tomb Albano laziale
Horatii and Curiazii Tomb

During the reign of Tullio Ostilio, there was a war going on between Rome and what was then called Albalonga. After much bloodshed, it was decided that the three best warriors from each city would fight each other. The Romans were represented by the three Horatii brothers, while the Curiatii, also three brothers, fought for Albalonga. After losing his two brothers, the last surving Horatii decided to resort to a ruse. He pretended to flee and when one of his opponents was close on his heels he suddenly turned and killed him. He ran away again and was again pursued by the second (and apparently not the brightest) Curiatii brother. This one was also killed, the last one was easily dispensed with and Rome got the rule over Albalonga

The Horattii and the Curiatii brothers are probably not buried in the mausoleum, since it dates from the Republic era and bears similarities to the Etruscan tombs in Volterra.

The monument consists of a large square foundation with four conical blocks at the corners. There probably used to be a fifth, even larger cone in the middle.

Tomb of the Horatii and Curiatii Albano Laziale