Top 10 tourist attractions Latina

Latina, especially for a bigger Italian city, is quite unique, as it is completely new. There is no cute historic center, because the city was only founded in 1932. This means that the oldest interesting buildings in Latina were all constructed in the fascist period.

Top 10 tourist attractions Latina

01. Palazzo del Municipio

The Town Hall of Latina has two floors and a bell tower. Inside the building is a large garden with a bronze sculpture. Like all the main municipal buildings in the city, it was built in the 1930s. The architect was Oriolo Frezzetti.

02. Palazzo del Quadrato

Piazza del Quadrato Latina

The Piazza del Quadrato is where the first inhabitants of what would later become Latina, after the draining of the marshy area around the city, settled. The square is full of fascist-inspired artworks that refer to man’s victory over nature.

03. San Marco Church

The San Marco Church was built at the founding of the city, in 1932. A year after the construction began, the church was already completed. The architect of this building was also Oriolo Frezzotti. The large bell tower is separate from the church on the right.

04. Fontana Monumentale

The Fontana Monumentale is located in the center of the city’s main square, Piazza del Popolo. It was designed by Oriolo Frezzotti. The wheat sheaf symbolizes humanity’s victory over the swamp.

05. Casa dei Cursori

The Casa dei Cursori is the old city hospital. It was built in the art nouveau style and since it was built in 1928 it is one of the oldest buildings in the city.

06. Santa Maria Goretti Church

The Santa Maria Goretti Church dates back to the 1950s.

07. Palazzo del Governo

Palazzo del Governo: This building has been open since the existence of the Province of Latina in 1934. The central part of the palace protrudes further than the side buildings and is richly decorated with works of art of all kinds.

08. Palazzo M

Palazzo M Latina

The Palazzo M, like many buildings in Latina, was built during the fascist era (the M stands for Mussolini). Another name for it is the Casa del Fascio and it should have been part of a complex to which also the Foro Mussolini, a barracks and a sports hall should have belonged. The war threw a spanner in the works.

09. Casa dei Cursori

The Casa dei Cursori is a former hospital and one of the oldest buildings in Latina. (Since this building was also built in 1928, however, it is not very old by Italian standards).

10. Palazzo delle Poste

The Palazzo delle Poste was designed by the architect Angiolo Mazzoni and inaugurated in 1932 in the presence of Mussolini. It is an excellent example of the rationalist architecture that was in vogue in Italy at the time. Mazzoni would later collaborate on a renovation of Rome’s central train station.

More Latina tourist attractions

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  • Casa del Combattente (“House of the Warrior”)

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