Top 10 tourist attractions Accumoli

For a town that does not even have 1,000 inhabitants, Accumoli is fairly rich in tourist attractions. The oldest buildings date back to the Middle Ages, but there are also many 17th and 18th century historical palaces.

Top 10 tourist attractions Accumoli


01. Palazzo del Podestà

The Palazzo del Podestà is located to the left of the Torre Civica (see below). It is a smooth, sandstone building, with two arches on the first floor. Today it houses municipal offices.

02. Palazzo Organtini

The Palazzo Organtini is located in the borough of Grisciano. It was built in the 18th century and has two monumental entrances. The line of the building is adapted to the course of the street. The reception room on the 2nd floor is entirely painted with scenes from the Bible.

03. Santa Maria Addolorata Church

Santa Maria Addolorata Church is the oldest church in the city. Its current appearance is the result of a renovation in the 18th century. There are two large wooden altars made in a Baroque style. The oratory adjacent to the church is unfortunately largely dilapidated.

04. Santa Maria delle Coste Church

Santa Maria delle Coste Church Accumoli
“Madonna and Child”

The Santa Maria delle Coste Church was reconstructed by Giacinto Camerari in 1638. The main attraction is an image of the “Madonna and Child on a Throne” from the 13th century, which three centuries later was incorporated into a larger composition.

05. Palazzo Guasti

Palazzo Guastì or Palazzo del Guasto was built in the 15th century. The monogram on one of the windows refers to San Bernardino, who preached here for several years.

06. Palazzo Marini

Palazzo Marini is a palace built in a Mannerist style. The line of the building follows that of the street along which it stands. The portal is adorned with spiral columns. Highlights of the interior are the large fireplace and the murals with which some rooms are decorated.

07. Monument to Salvatore Tommasi

This is located at the entrance to the village and was made in 1927 by Enrico Lattes.

08. Torre Civica

Built in the 12th century, the Torre Civica is the oldest structure in town. On its façade is the coat of arms of a gentleman who would have lived in Accumoli for several years in the 13th century. The square tower is slightly crooked.

09. San Francesco Church

The Chiesa di San Francesco was built in the 14th century. After an earthquake in 1703, the church had to be partially reconstructed. The interior is graced by a collection of paintings from a period between the 17th and 19th centuries.

10. City Walls

The city walls of Accumoli used to be almost 3 kilometers long and 8 meters high and ensured that the city was well defended. Some parts are still intact, with bastions and pieces of the old tower, but very little else remains. The arches of two of the old gates can still be seen.

More points of interest Accumoli

  • Chiesa dell’Addolorata
  • San Pietro and Lorenzo Church
  • Palazzo Tommasi, with frescoes from the 16th and 17th centuries.
  • Palazzo Sacconi, with murals of the same period.

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