Top 10 tourist attractions Alba Adriatica

Alba Adriatica‘s biggest attraction is the Spiaggia d’Argento, or “Silver Beach”, which has been counted among the most beautiful and cleanest beaches on the Adriatic coast for years.

Top 10 tourist attractions in Alba Adriatica

01. Spiaggia d’Argento

Alba Adriatica’s beach is almost 3 kilometres long and about 100 metres wide, which is a lot for Italy. Its nickname Spiaggio d’Argento is due to the silver colour of the sand. Along this beach runs a road shaded by pine and palm trees, on which it is lovely to cycle or jog or simply stroll.

02. Torrione

Torrione, top 10 attractions Alba Adriatica
Torre della Vibrata

The Torrione is a large tower from the 16th century, when the area was subject to the Kingdom of Naples. It was built as a part of a chain of coastal watchtowers on the lookout for Turkish and Saracen pirates. Is also known as the Torre della Vibrata.

03. The Sant’Eufemia Church

Villa Chiarugi, nicknamed la Favorita, the summer residence of the Fanalli family built in 1720. Previously, a castle stood on the site.

04. Villa Gianluca Palma

The Villa Gianluca Palma was built in 1908.

05. Villa Zanoni

The Villa Zanoni dates from the same era and is also built in an austere style, after a project by Albanio di Giulianova.

06. San Vincenzo Ferrer Church

This small white church has a bell tower and was built by the Guidobaldi family.

07. Immacolata Church

The Parrocchia dell’Immacolata is a new church built in 1977. The architect’s project tried to create the impression of a ship sailing towards the sea, with the bell tower supporting the three sails.

08. Villa Moscardini

Villa Moscardini

09. Lungomare Guglielmo Marconi

The Lungomare Guglielmo Marconi is crossed by the “Corridoio Verde Adriatico”, a virtually uninterrupted cycle path between the small town of Martinsicuro and Puglia. The “Fountain of the Nile” is one of the sights along this 1950s path.

10. Villa Chiarurgi

The neoclassical Villa Chiarurgi was built in 1720 by the architect Rolli for the aristicratic Ranalli family. The villa, which is embellished with multiple statues, was constructed on the ruins of an old guard castle. It is also known under the name ‘Il Gattopardo’ and is hosts Latin music evenings and DJ sets.

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