Top 10 Tourist Attractions Albano Laziale

Many of the top 10 tourist attractions in Albano Laziale are a result of the former papal presence in the town. Of course, even in Roman times it was a pleasant place (much cooler than Rome itself) to be during the summer months and so there are also a number of ruins from the early history of the Empire to see.

Top 10 tourist attractions Albano Laziale

01. Santuario di San Gaspare del Bufalo and San Paolo Church

San Paolo Church Albano Laziale

The Santuario di San Gaspare del Bufalo is located in the Piazza San Paolo. In the San Paolo Church that belongs to this monastery, the saint himself is buried. The monastery is one of the most important pilgrim destinations in the region.

02. San Pietro Apostolo Church

San Pietro Apostolo Church Albanoo Laziale (bell tower)

The San Pietro Apostolo Church was built in the 6th century on a site where Roman hot springs baths used to be. Materials from ancient Roman buildings were used in its construction. The interior is graced by 13th century frescoes and a painting by Gherardo delle Notti.

03. Porta Praetoria

Porta Pretoria Albano Laziale

The Porta Pretoria (Via Alcide De Gasperi) was the main entrance to the Castra Albania, a large Roman camp built by EmperorSeptimius Severus and which was actually the beginning of present-day Albano Laziale.

04. San Pancrazio Martire Cathedral

San Pancrazio Cathedral - Top 10 tourist attractions Albano Laziale

The Cathedral of Albano Laziale is located in the Piazza L. Sabatini. This church is built on an early Christian basilica. It is the most important religious building in the city. Some remains of the ancient basilica can still be seen in the crypt.

05. Cisternone

Cisternone Albano Laziale

The Cisternone (Via Aurelio Saffi) is an ancient underground water cistern. It was carved into the rock where the water from the three aqueducts that supplied Albano was collected. It consists of 5 vessels and measures 20 by 30 meters. Even almost 2000 years after it was built, the monument still functions perfectly.

06. Roman Amphitheater

Roman Amphitheater Albano Laziale

The Roman Amphitheater (Via Dell’Anfiteatro) is located on the highest hill of the city and dates back to the 3rd century. It could seat about 16,000 spectators and was probably 22 meters high. It was probably used as a fortress in the Middle Ages.

07. Chiesa della Stella and Catacombs of San Senatore

The Santa Maria della Stella Church (Borgo Garibaldi) is built on the Catacombs of San Senatore. These catacombs contain a number of interesting frescoes from both the early Christian era and the Middle Ages. It is likely that a temple dedicated to the Roman God Esculapius once stood here.

08. Tomb of Horatii and Curiatii

Horatii and Curiatii Tomb Rome

The Tomb of Horatii and Curiatii (Via della Stella, Borgo Garibaldi) is an enormous monument along the Via Appia. These mythical heroes are not actually buried there, however. Who did find their final resting place there is not entirely certain.

09. Palazzo Savelli

The Palazzo Savelli was built in the 13th century for the Savelli family. As can be seen from the square towers, it was originally intended as a fortress. When Albano was bought by the Apostolic Chamber, it became the seat of the papal government. Today it is the town hall of Albano Laziale.

10. Villa of Pompeo Magno

The ruins of the Imperial Villa of Pompeo Magno (Piazza Giuseppe Mazzini, tel. +39 069323490), a Roman general from the time of Gaio Giulio Cesare, date back to the 1st century B.C. They are located near the entrance to the city, for those who are arriving from Rome.

More Albano Laziale tourist attractions

This Santa Maria della Rotonda Church was built on a former Roman nymphaeum. The floor plan is circular, with four semi-circular chapels.

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