Top 10 tourist attractions Anagni

Thanks to its beautiful historical centre, with many well-preserved medieval houses and streets, Anagni is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the province of Frosinone. Highlights are the Cathedral with its wonderful crypt, the Palazzo d’Iseo and the main street Via Vittorio Emanuele II.

Top 10 tourist attractions Anagni

01. Cathedral

Bell tower Cathedral - Top 10 tourist attractions Anagni

Anagni’s impressive romanesque cathedral is dedicated to Saint Mary and was constructed between 1071 and 1105. Its crypt contains the tomb Saint Magnus of Anagni and it is famous for its frescoes and its cosmatesque floor decorations. There are also a Treasury Museum and Lapidarium.

02. Papal Palace or Palace of Boniface VIII

Anagni is sometimes nicknamed “City of the Popes”, because no fewer than four of them were born here. One of these was Pope Boniface VIII. It was in the Palazzo Caetani next to the Palace of Bonifacio VIII building that an important historical event, known as the “Slap of Anagni” took place.

03. Palazzo d’Iseo

Palazzo d'Iseo Anagni

The Palazzo del Comune (“Town Hall”) was constructed by, and named for, the architect Jacopo da Iseo. He connected two pre-existing buildings by means of the portico supporting the Hall of Reason (Sala della Ragione). The two coats of arms on its facade belong to the aristocratic Orsini and Caetani families.

04. Casa Barnekow

Casa Barnekow Anagni

The Casa Barnekow is a medieval building that was restored in the 19th century by Albert Barnekow, a Swedish painter. Before the restoration it was known as the Casa Gigli. The house is located in the Strada Vittorio Emanuele and is instantly recognizable because of its beautiful staircase and external decorations.

05. City wall

The historical centre of Anagni is still protected by the old city walls. There are four gates providing entrance to the historical center of Anagni: Porta Cerere, Porta Santa Maria, Porta San Francesco and Porta Tufoli.

06. Piazza Cavour

Piazza Cavour Anagni

Even if the Piazza Cavour did not offer a magnificent view over the Parco della Rimembrenza and the countryside south of the city, it would still be a beautiful square. The monument located near the panoramic balcony is dedicated to the victims of World War I.

07. Arcazzi di Anagni

The Arcazzi di Anagni probably date back to the 3rd or 2nd century BC. They consist of a number of arches of travertino marble. The prevailing theory is that they were built in order to contain the pressure of the area behind the monument. The Arcazzi are located in a suburb called Piscina.

08. Imperial Villa of Villamagna

The imperial Villa of Villa Magna was built by Antoninus Pius. Excavations here have unearthed a lavishly decorated building, which was used for the production of wine. Ruins of the monastery of San Pietro in Villamagna are also found here.

09. Castel San Giorgio

The 13th century Castel San Giorgio was really a fortified monastery run by Basilian monks. It is located halfway between Acuto and Anagni itself. At the moment it is completely abandoned.

10. San Giovanni de Duce Church

The San Giovanni de Duce Church is located in the Piazza Dante. This church, which already existed in the 13th century, was built on top of the ruins of a temple dedicated to Saturn. Its present aspect is the reult of a renovation in the 18th century.

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