Top 10 tourist attractions Anghiari

Both in Anghiari itself and in the immediate vicinity there are several interesting tourist attractions. Many of the top 10 sights are on or near the main street Ruga di San Martino, which was constructed in the 14th century.

Top 10 tourist attractions Anghiari

01. Santa Maria delle Grazie Church

Madonna delle Grazie Church Anghiari

The main attraction of Anghiari is the 18th century Santa Maria delle Grazie Church, which includes a terracotta by Andrea della Robbia. This church, also known as Chiesa del Fosso, stands opposite the Torre dell’Orologio.

02. Badia di San Bartolomeo

Badia San Bartolomeo Anghiari (entrance)

The ancient Badia di San Bartolomeo Church is characterized by an unusually asymmetrical interior. It was founded in 1104 by the Camaldolesi. The highlight is a wooden “Madonna and Child” by Tino di Camiano.

03. Palazzo Pretorio

Top 10 tourist attractions Anghiari - Palazzo Pretorio

The Palazzo Pretorio was built in the 14th century. It stands on the Piazza del Popolo and its walls are decorated with frescoes and terracotta coats of arms. It now serves as the town hall of Anghiari.

04. Palazzo Taglieschi

Palazzo Taglieschi Anghiari

Built in the Renaissance period, the Palazzo Taglieschi is the seat of the Museo dello Stato. The paintings, sculptures and fragments of ancient buildings are all from the town itself and the Val Tiberina. Highlights include a “Madonna” by Jacopo della Quercia and a “Nativity” by Andrea della Robbia.

05. Santo Stefano Church

Santo Stefano Church Anghiari

The Santo Stefano Church is located outside the town center of Anghiari. It is characterized by an early medieval structure with Byzantine influences.

06. Sant’Agostino Church

Sant'Agostino Kerk Anghiari - Interieur

The Sant’Agostino Church was built in the 15th century on an earlier church of the 13th century. The main attractions in this church are formed by some marble baptismal fonts and some ornamental plasterwork from the 18th century.

07. Santa Croce Church

Santa Croce Church Anghiari

The 16th century Santa Croce Church is graced by a number of precious works of art. The most famous ones are paintings by Il Passignano.

08. Ancient city walls

The old city walls from the 7th and 8th centuries have remained almost completely intact. The three city gates in these walls are called Porta Sant’Angelo, Porta San Martino and Porta Fiorentina.

09. Piazza Mameli

Palazzo Marzocco Anghiari

Piazza Mameli (formerly Piazza del Borghetto) is the central square of Anghiari. The city’s two main museums are located in the 16th century Palazzo del Marzocco and Palazzo Taglieschi in this square.

10. Palazzo Corsi

Palazzo Corsi Anghiari

The 18th century Palazzo Corsi was built by Benedetto Corsi between 1777 and 1794 and is located outside the city walls. Today it serves as a library and city archives, among other things.
More sights in Anghiari

More Anghiari tourist attractions

  • Bastione del Vicario.
  • The Museo delle Memorie and del Paesaggio is located in the Palazzo del Marzocco. The highlight is a scale model of the Battle of Anghiari. There are also archaeological objects found in excavations in the area on display.
  • The Torre del Cassero was built in 1337.
  • The Museo della Confraternita di Misericordia highlights the history of this religious order.

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