Top 10 tourist attractions Antrodoco

Most of Antrodoco‘s top 10 tourist attractions are located in and around the city’s central square, the Piazza del Popolo. Main churches are the Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral and the Santa Maria Extra Moenia Church.

Top 10 tourist attractions Antrodoco

01. Piazza del Popolo

PIazza del Popolo Antrodoco
Piazza del Popolo and the Palazzo Pallini (see below)

This former marketplace is Antrodoco’s main square and is surrounded by historical palaces, plus the Cathedral. It was constructed in the Middle Ages to connect the Rocchetta and the city. Formerly called Piazza Umberto I, its historic fountain has been replaced by a more modern version.

02. Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral

Address: Via Cotilia, 64. Opening hours: 08.30-19.30 (Sundays: 07.30-19.30).

Santa Maria Assunta - Top 10 tourist attractions Antrodoco

The Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral has its façade on the Via Cutilia. The first version of the church, then still called Madonna del Popolo, had to be completely reconstructed after the earthquake of 1703. Attractions are the “Madonna del Popolo” by Francesco Grandi above the main altar and the 18th century wooden choir.

03. La Rocchetta

Address: Via del Castello, 102

The city’s castle was built in the 8th century. Unfortunately it has been reduced to ruins, but still offers a nice view over the surrounding countryside.

04. Palazzo Tedeschini

The Palazzo Tedeschini is located between Corso Roma and Via del Castello. It was the property of the family of a cardinal during the time of the Spanish Civil War.

05. Santa Maria extra Moenia Church

Santa Maria Extra Moenia Church Antrodoco
Santa Maria Extra Moenia Church

The Santa Maria extra Moenia Church is located outside the city walls. This 11th century church, built on top of an ancient monument dedicated to the Goddess Diana, is an official national monument. The nearby Baptistery dates back to the 15th century.

06.Museo della Città

Address: Corso Roma, 9 – 02013 Antrodoco. Phone: +39 0746 578185 or 0746 58007. Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday: 08.30 till 13.30; Saturdays and Sundays: 10.00 till 13.00. Entrance: 2 Euros.

City Museum Antrodoco

The City Museum is dedicated to the painter and graphic artist Carlo Cesi and to the Albanian painter Lin Delija. Its seat is the Santa Chiara Convent.

07. Palazzo Pallini

Address: Piazza del Popolo.

The Palazzo Pallini is characterized by it art-deco facade.

08. Santuario della Madonna delle Grotte

Address: Strada Statale, 17. Phone: +39 0746 578610.

Santuario della Madonna delle Grotte Antrodoco

In October 1601, a shepherd’s daughter called Bernardina Boccaccio found a painting depicting the Madonna in a cave near the suburb of Rocca di Corno. First, an altar was placed in the spot. The sanctuary was constructed in the next couple of years.

09. Museo Militare

Address: Via del Ponte, 8. Phone: +39 0746 578723. Opening hours: 17.00 till 20.00.

Museo Militare Antrodoco

The Military Museum is located on the ground floor of the Palazzo Blasetti, town hall of Antrodoco. It was set up in 1985. In four rooms you can admire uniforms and various types of material belonging to the Carabinieri, the Guardia di Finanza, the State Police, the State Forestry Corps and the Penitentiary Police.

10. Santa Chiara Church

Address: Largo Santa Chiara, 6.

The Chiesa di Santa Chiara was built in the 14th century. After a restoration that took 40 years, it was reopened in 2012.

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