Top 10 Tourist Attractions Anzio

Anzio is especially famous as a landing place for British soldiers in the Second World War and a number of attractions refer to this era. In Roman times, however, the city was also very important and from this older history some monuments can still be seen.

Top 10 Tourist Attractions Anzio

01. Villa of Nero

Caves of Nero - Top 10 Tourist Attractions Anzio

The Villa of Nero is the main attraction of the Archaeological Park of Anzio, which stretches along almost the entire Via Fanciulla d’Anzio. The park also includes the Caves of Nero.

02. Archaeological Museum

Anzio‘s Archaeological Museum is located on the ground floor of Villa Adele, a 17th century building built for the Pamphilj, which later changed hands several times.

03. British Cemetery

There are two cemeteries where the British soldiers who died during the Allied landing are buried. The largest of the two is located outside the centre of the city, near the district of Falasche.

04. Ruins of the Old Harbor

If you walk all the way to the end of the commercially exploited beach, you will arrive at the few remaining ruins of the ancient port of Anzio.

05. Villa Adele and Museo dello Sbarco di Anzio

The Villa Adele is a 17th century palace in Anzio and is the seat of both the already mentioned Archaeological Museum and the Museo dello Sbarco of the city. Over the centuries it has belonged to large numbers of historically important Italian families.

06. Tor Caldara

The Tor Caldara WWF-maintained natural park is located within the city limits of Anzio.

07. Villa Spigarelli

The modern Villa Spigarelli is built on the ruins of an old Roman villa discovered in the early 20th century. During construction of the modern complex the exact floor plan of the antique villa was followed, incorporating mosaics, sculptures and marble decorations from the old structure.

08. Roman Amphitheatre

The Anfiteatro Romano is located in Piazzale del Teatro Romano.

09. Angelita

Angelita is the name Allied soldiers gave to a crying little girl they found on the beach of Anzio. Nobody knew who she was or where she came from, so the soldiers adopted her. Only a few days later she was killed in bombardments. Along the coast there is a statue of the girl.

10. Villa Borghese

The Villa Borghese is located between the towns of Anzio and Nettuno. It is nicknamed Villa Bell’Aspetto because of its location: From the hill on which it is built you have a magnificent view over the sea. Corridors under the building served as American headquarters during the war.

More Sights Anzio

The bronze monument in honour of Nero, the Emperor who was born in Anzio in the year 37 AD.

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