Top 10 tourist attractions Ascoli Piceno

The historic center of Ascoli Piceno is best known for its many medieval towers and for the Piazza del Popolo, the city’s central square, which is still its focal point. It is recommended to stay longer in the city, but this top 10 tourist attractions is a good starting point for day trippers.

Top 10 tourist attractions Ascoli Piceno

01. Piazza del Popolo

Cathedral Ascoli Piceno

One of the most beautiful squares in Italy. If you want to see the many interesting buildings around this square at your leisure, it’s best to avoid the late afternoon hours, as between 4pm and 8pm the whole city comes here to stroll.

02. Church of San Francesco

The 13th-century Gothic San Francesco Church stands on the north side of the square.

03. Loggia dei Mercanti

The Loggia dei Mercanti, built in 1513, is still used as a covered market place.

04. Santi Vincenzo and Anastasio Church

The Santi Vincenzo and Anastasio Church was built in the 11th century and is particularly notable for its façade divided into 64 planes.

05. Ponte Romano

Following Via di Solestà, one comes to an ancient Roman bridge, the Ponte Romano Augustea. From the other side one has a nice view of the city’s towers.

06. Porta Gémina

The Porta Gémina is located at the end of Corso Mazzini. It is through this gate that the ancient Roman gentleman’s road Via Salaria entered the city.

07. Palazzo Comunale

The 17th-century Palazzo Comunale is the city’s town hall and also the seat of Ascoli’s art museum. It is located in the Piazza dell’Aringo.

08. Cathedral of St. Emidio

The Sant’Emidio Cathedral is graced by some fine works of art. Next to this Cathedral of Ascoli is the octagonal Baptistry.

09. Ponte di Cecco

The Ponte di Cecco is an ancient Roman bridge, with two arches.

10. Monte Piselle

From Monte Piselli, there are stunning views of Ascoli Piceno and its surroundings.

More points of interest Ascoli Piceno


The San Pietro Martire Church.

The Santissima Annunziata Church is located on a hill outside the city centre.

The Tempietto di Sant’Emidio Rosso is a small shrine dedicated to Ascoli Piceno’s patron saint.

Historic buildings

The Palazzo dei Capitani del Popolo is located in the Piazza del Popolo.

The Palazzetto Longobardi used to house the city’s youth hostel. It is flanked by the 40-metre-high Torre Ercolani.


The Forte Malatesta is an ancient medieval fortress.

The Fortezza Pia is a 16th-century fortress outside the city.


The Ponte Maggiore is a medieval bridge over the river Castellano. From this bridge one has a nice view of the Roman Ponte di Cecco (see above).

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