Top 10 tourist attractions Avezzano

Several Avezzano top 10 tourist attractions look newer than they really should, as the town has often been damaged by earthquakes. The last major earthquake to hit the area was in 1915, so even the present versions of even the oldest buildings are at most one century old.

Top 10 tourist attractions Avezzano

01. Castello Orsini

Castello Orsini, top 10 tourist attractions Avezzano
Castello Orsini

The Castello Orsini-Colonna is the only ancient monument that survived the earthquake, albeit heavily damaged. Built in 1490, it has five towers and a moat. Restoration work has restored the original entrance gate and Renaissance window decorations. The Pinacotheque on the top floor displays works selected from the Visual Arts Exhibition held each year in Avezzano.

02. San Bartolomeo Cathedral

Cathedral Avezzano
Avezzano Cathedral

Construction of the San Bartolomeo Cathedral began in 1919 and the work was finished in 1930. The white marble facade has three entrances that lead into three separate naves. Over the centuries as many as four different versions of this church have been damaged or destroyed by earthquakes.

03. Palazzo Torlonia

Palazzo Torlonia Avezzano
Palazzo Torlonia

The Palazzo Torlonia is located in the middle of the Parco Torlonia. Part of this palace is occupied by the Agricultural Museum. The palace’s archives provide information about the drainage of the lake that used to be where the city is now built.

04. Santuario della Madonna di Pietraquaria

Santuario della Madonna di Pietraquaria Avezzano
Santuario della Madonna di Pietraquaria

The late medieval Chiesa di Madonna di Pietraquaria outside Avezzano has undergone many reconstructions over the centuries. The associated convent dates back to the 19th century. On April 27, an annual procession reenacting the Stations of the Cross is held here.

05. Cuniculi Emperor Claudius

The ruins of the cuniculi of Emperor Claudius can still be visited. They are located on the Fucino plain and are considered masterpieces of hydraulic architecture.

06. Palazzo Comunale

The Palazzo Comunale was rebuilt in art nouveau style after the earthquake of 1915.

07. Museo Lapidario

The Museo Lapidario displays objects found during excavations in the area. It was founded at the end of the 19th century and has a collection that consists of sarcophagi and other objects, most of which come from Alba Fucens.

08. San Giovanni Decollato Church.

The San Giovanni Decollato Church was rebuilt on the original 14th century foundation. The interior is Baroque, the entrance door dates from the 15th century.

09. Tribunale

The Tribunale (Court of Justice) dates back to 1930 and was designed by the architect Luigi Gallo.

10. Monte Salviano Natural Park

On the outskirts of the city begins the Monte Salviano Natural Park.

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