Top 10 tourist attractions Ferentino

Although there are also some monuments dating back to ancient Rome, mist of the top 10 tourist attractions of Ferentino are churches.

Top 10 tourist attractions Ferentino

01. Santa Maria Maggiore Church

Santa Maria Maggiore Church Ferentino
Santa Maria Maggiore Church

The Church of Santa Maria Maggiore was built in the 13th century and was one of the first gothic churches in the Lazio region.

02. Ferentino city wall

The city wall of Ferentino consists of several sections built in different eras and in different ways. The foundations and the lower part of the walls consist of polygonal rocks, while for the higher parts the structure is much more regular.

03. Porta Sanguinaria

The most famous gate in this city wall is the Porta Sanguinaria. This “Bloody Gate” is so named because of a battlefield that took place here in Roman times.

04. Church of Santa Maria dei Gaudenti

The Santa Maria dei Gaudenti Church is named after the knights who used to this 13th century church.

05. Palazzo dei Cavalieri Gaudenti

Next to the church is the Palazzo dei Cavalieri Gaudenti, which was also owned by the Order of the Knights of Maria Gloriosa, a group of militant medieval monks who were supposed to make peace, when necessary, between the various Italian families whenever another feud broke out.

06. Church of San Pancrazio

The San Pancrazio Church already existed before the 11th century. Of the original three naves, only one remains, while one of the others is now part of the Palazzo Ruggeri-Bossi.

07. Mercato Romano

The Mercato Romano (2nd century BC): The ruins of an ancient Roman marketplace, consisting of a sort of courtyard that opens through arches into five barrel-vaulted covered shopping areas.

08. Monastery of Sant’Antonio Abate

The Sant’Antonio Abate Monastery was commissioned by Pope Celestinus V, a late 13th-century pope who, unlike most popes of the period, was more interested in religious matters than power politics and would soon resign in disappointment. His remains were originally kept in the monastery, then moved to the nearby Sant’Agata Church and then stolen and taken to the Abbey of Collemaggio.

09. Convento delle Clarisse

The Convento delle Clarisse (“Convent of the Clares”) preserves the heart of Pope Celestinus.

10. Ferentino Cathedral

The Duomo dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo is the cathedral of Ferentino and was built on the former acropolis. It was built in the early 12th century and the relics of the city’s shcus saint, Sant’Ambrosio are kept there.

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