Top 10 tourist attractions Lucca

The top 10 tourist attractions of Lucca are almost all located within the ancient ramparts, which are an attraction in themselves. The San Martino Cathedral is the second major attraction of the city’s unique historic center.

Top 10 tourist attractions Lucca

01. City Walls

City wall Luccca

Over the centuries, four different city walls have been built around Lucca. The first was of Roman construction, the last was completed in the mid-17th century. The current wall has six city gates. It is so wide that small parks have been created in several places.

02. San Martino Cathedral

San Martino Cathedral Lucca

The San Martino Cathedral is the main church and main attraction of Lucca. Highlights among the many sights in the Duomo are the funerary monument of Ilaria del Carretto and the Volto Santo (“Holy Face”). Also on display are numerous works of art by masters such as Tintoretto and Jacopo della Quercia.

03. San Frediano Basilica

San Frediano Basilica Lucca

The San Frediano Basilica is one of the oldest churches of the city. It is located in the square of the same name and is dedicated to its the patron saint. The striking fa├žade is characterized by a magnificent Byzantine mosaic. The highlight within the church is a 12th century baptismal font decorated with sculptures.

04. Torre delle Ore

Torre delle Ore Lucca
Torre delle Ore

The Torre delle Ore is the tallest tower in Lucca. The monument dates back to the late 14th century. After climbing 200 wooden steps, one is rewarded with a beautiful view. The clock is still wound manually. A combination ticket with the Torre Guinigi and the Botanical Garden is possible.

05. Santa Maria Forisportam Church

Santa Maria Forisportam Church Lucca

The Santa Maria Forisportam Church stands in the square of the same name in Lucca. Highlights are the decorated architraves inside the church and two paintings made by Guercino in the 16th century.

06. San Michele in Foro Church

San Michele in Foro Church Lucca

The San Michele in Foro Church is one of the most beautiful and important churches in Lucca. It was built on the site where the city’s Roman Forum once was. The highlight is Filippino Lippi’s “Pala Magrini”.

07. Piazza dell’Anfiteatro

What makes the Piazza dell’Anfiteatro unique is the intimate impression it makes. The reason for this is that the only points of access are four small arches. As the name indicates, this used to be the site of the ancient Amphitheater.

08. Torre Guinigi

Torre Guinigi Lucca

There used to be 250 towers in Lucca. Of these, there are only two left, the above-mentioned Torre delle Ore and the 45 meter tall Torre Guinigi. The Torre Guinigi is named for the family that had it constructed. Whoever feels like climbing its 230 steps, will be rewarded with from the shaded garden on its rooftop.

09. Palazzo Mansi National Museum

The Museo Nazionale di Palazzo Mansi is housed in a 17th century mansion. The building is named after the family who had it constructed. Part of the museum is taken up by the frescoed living quarters of this family. The second part consists of a Pinacotheque, showcasing 83 paintings donated to the city by Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo.

10. Palazzo Pfanner

Another historical building of great interest is the Palazzo Pfanner, located just outside the city wall. Built in 1660, it became property of the Pfanner’s in 1846. Part of the palace was used for one of the first beer breweries in Italy. The garden was designed by Filippo Juvarra.