Top 10 tourist attractions Pachino

Pachino, near the southernmost point of Sicily, is relatively young and therefore does not have as many tourist attractions as many other towns in the area. The nicest part of the town is the harbor district of Marzamemi.

Top 10 tourist attractions Pachino

01. Chiesa del Santissimo Crocefisso

The Chiesa Madre SS. Crocefisso was built in 1790 at the behest of Marquis Vincenzo Starabba. The marquis himself is also buried in this church, which was restored in 2010 and is only modestly decorated.

02. Tonnara di Marzamemi

Tonnara di Marzamemi Pacchino

The Tonnara di Marzamemi dates back to when Sicily was under Arab domination. In 1630, it was sold by its owners to the Prince of Villadorata. (A tonnara is both a special net for catching tuna and the place where this is done).

03. Torre Scibini

The Torre Scibini (Scibini Tower) was built in 1494 by Count Antonio de Xurtino to counter incursions by Saracen pirates.

04. Palazzo and Chiesa della Tonnara

The Palazzo della Tonnara and the Chiesa della Tonnara date from 1752.

05. Palazzo Tasca

The 19th-century Palazzo Tasca has a beautiful limestone courtyard.

06. Grotta Calafarina

In the Grotta Calafarina, archaeological discoveries have been made that point mainly to a settlement in the peaceful Bronze Age. The cave is 100 metres long and goes 20 metres underground.

07. Greek temple ruins

There are remains of a Greek temple from the 3rd century.

08. Roman settlement ruins

Some traces of a village also remains from the Roman period.

09. Marzamemi harbor district

Marzamemi is the harbor district of Pachino. The name originally comes from Arabic and means “port of turtledoves”.

10. Church of San Francesco di Paola

The Chiesa di San Francesco di Paola is also in this port quarter.

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