Top 10 tourist attractions Ragusa

The city of Ragusa is divided into Ragusa Superiore (the part on top of the hill) and the older Ragusa Ibla. The town’s Baroque architecture has earned it a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Top 10 Sights to see in Ragusa

Cathedral of San Giorgio

The San Giorgio Cathedral (Duomo di San Giorgio) is considered a Baroque masterpiece. This cathedral was designed by Rosario Gagliardi, who was responsible for many structures in the area.

San Giovanni Battista Cathedral

Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista

The San Giovanni Battista Cathedral is located in the new part of Ragusa. The bell tower of this church is almost 70 meters high. The Baroque-style presbytery behind the church is also very beautiful.

Santa Maria delle Scale church

The Santa Maria delle Scale church had to be rebuilt after an earthquake in 1697 severely damaged Ragusa Ibla. The 14th century entrance remains from the original church.

Archaeological Museum Ibleo

Ibleo Archaeological Museum Ragusa
Ibleo Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum Ibleo focuses on the finds of prehistoric, Greek and Roman origin from excavations in Ragusa and its surroundings. It is housed in the Palazzo Mediterraneo.

Piazza della Repubblica

From the Piazza della Repubblica, at the foot of the stairs leading to the old town, there are wide steps that lead to the Anime del Purgatorio Church, another Baroque church.

Church of San Giuseppe

The Chiesa di San Giuseppe is also by Gagliardi. It has an oval floor plan and features a silver statue of the saint himself dating from the 16th century.

Giardino Ibleo

Ibleo Gardens Ragusa
Ibleo Gardens

The Giardino Ibleo is a public park, with a beautiful entrance formed by what was once the portal of the 15th-century San Giorgio Vecchio church, destroyed by the earthquake. From the park one has a magnificent view of the surrounding countryside.

Chiesa dei Cappuccini Vecchi

The Chiesa dei Cappuccini Vecchi (“Church of the Old Capuchins”) in Ragusa has as its main attraction a 17th-century painting by Pietro Novelli, “The Assumption of the Virgin Mary.”

Piazza Chiaramonte

The Piazza Chiaramonte is a square with a number of beautiful buildings, including the San Francesco d’Assisi all’Immacolata Church and the Palazzo Chiaramonte.

Hybla Hereia (archaeological excavations)

The archaeological excavations in Ragusa show what can still be seen of the ancient city of Hybla Hereia, including a street with buildings from the Greek period.

More Ragusa points of interest

The Palazzo Cosentini and the Palazzo Bertin are two interesting buildings close to the Anime del Purgatorio church.

The San Domenico Church is characterized by a bell tower and beautiful majolicas.

The Via Mercato (“Market Street”) is characterized by the Baroque market with a beautiful row of arches.

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