Top 10 tourist attractions Sutri

In and around Sutri are several remains of Etruscan and Roman origin, including an amphitheater and a necropolis with a number of tombs. The historical center is located on a stretch of higher ground along the Via Cassia.

Top 10 tourist attractions Sutri

01. Necropolis

Necropolis - Top 10 tourist attractions Sutri

The Necropolis, with 64 tombs, is located one kilometer south of the city and probably dates back to the 1st century B.C. The monument, like the amphitheater, was excavated from the tuff hill. An ancient Etruscan wall has also been incorporated into a defensive wall.

02. Archaological park

Madonna del Parto Church Sutri

The Madonna del Parto Church is carved into the tuff stone rock and it is believed that it was once either an Etruscan tomb or a Christian mithraeum. Together with the ruins of the Amphitheater also carved into the rock, it forms the Archaeological Park of Sutri.

03. Cathedral

Sutri also has a Romanesque cathedral. It was built on top of an existing Christian basilica and consecrated by Pope Innocent III in 1207. The cathedral has a beautiful cosmatesque floor, a Lombard crypt and a wooden statue representing Santa Dolcissima, which was probably carved by a student of Bernini.

04. Porta Franceta or Porta Vecchia

The Porta Franceta (also called the Porta Vecchia) was built around the 14th century. Three different types of stone (tuff, travertine marble and peperino) were used for this purpose.

05. Villa Staderini

The Roman marquises Muti-Papazzurri had the Villa Staderini constructed. The garden of this villa is dotted with archaeological objects that were found in the area.

06. Villa Savorelli and Madonna del Monte Church

The Madonna del Monte Church was built in 1725, but contains a much older (14 century) fresco representing the “Madonna and Child”. The small church is located in the garden of the Villa Savorelli.

07. Carlomagno Castle

The Castle of Carlomagno (Charlemagne) is so called because the good man himself is said to have stayed there. However, this is not possible since it was built only in the 13th century.

08. Madonna del Tempio Church

The Madonna del Tempio church is located in an area where there used to be a number of hospitals and churches for the use of pilgrims on their way to Rome. This church belonged to the Order of the Knights Templar. Every year on January 17 the feast of Saint Antonio Abate, protector of animals, is celebrated here.

09. Grotto of Orlando

Named after the French paladin who is said to have been born here, the Grotto of Orlando is an originally Etruscan cave, some distance outside the city. Orlando‘s mother was Charlemagne‘s sister, Berta, who had been exiled to Rome. after having had an affair with someone below her standing.

10. Casa di Dante

The Casa di Dante stands in the historic center and is the hut where Dante Alighieri spent the night when he was on his way to Rome to experience the Jubilee.

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