Top 10 Tourist Attractions Tuscania

San Francesco Church - Fresco

Tuscania is a small town in the province of Viterbo. Many of the tourist attractions there have to do with Etruscan history, but there are also some extremely beautiful medieval churches.

Top 10 tourist attractions Tuscania

01. Saint Peter’s Basilica

St. Peter's Basilica Tuscania

The Basilica di San Pietro was built on the hill where the Etruscan acropolis used to be. The central nave more or less indicates the location of the earlier construction. The facade overlooks a stretch of grassland between the Palazzo dei Canoni and the city’s defensive towers. This church is often used as a backdrop in the making of films.

02. Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica

Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica Tuscania

The Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica is located on this same hill. In this 9th century church, the 1st century fresco in the apse depicting the 12 Apostles is especially noteworthy. It was built on an earlier, pagan temple. The figures of the Apostles Peter and Paul are carved into the doorposts of the portal.

03. Archaeological Museum

The former Santa Maria del Riposo Convent houses the Archaeological Museum of Tuscania. On display here are finds from a number of Etruscan family tombs, as well as pedestals with animal figures on them and other objects found in the various necropolises around the city.

04. Etruscan necropolises

The most famous of the Etruscan necropolises is the Madonna dell’Oliva, located a short walk from the city center. The so-called Grotto della Regina consists of no less than 30 tunnels. Other Etruscan excavations have been done at Carcarello, Peschiera and Pian di Mola.

05. San Giusto Abbey

The Abbey of San Giusto is located at about 4 kilometers from the center of Tuscania. It was built in the 12th century although there was probably an abbey on the site before that. Etruscan tombs can also be seen here.

06. San Giacomo Cathedral

The Cathedral of Tuscania is dedicated to San Giacomo. The church was built in the 16th century, although its present appearance is the result of an 18th century reconstruction.

07. City wall

Top 10 tourist attractions Tuscania - city walls

Already in Etruscan times there was a city wall around Tuscania. The current defensive wall was built later, however, and is located around the medieval historic center.

08. Nature reserve

The Tuscania Natural Reserve is intersected by the river Marta. A large part of the reserve is occupied by olive groves and the archaeological sites of Tuscania are also located here.

09. Palazzo del Rivellino

The Palazzo del Rivellino, or what is left of it, which is really no more than the southern wall of the ancient Castello di Rivellino, used to be the town hall of the city.

10. Santa Maria della Rosa Church

Santa Maria della Rosa Church Tuscania

The Santa Maria della Rosa Church (Via XX Settembre) was built between the 13th and 14th centuries. During the 15th century it served for a time as the cathedral of Tuscania.

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