Top 10 tourist attractions Vasto

Vasto is a small town in Abruzzo, with a beautiful coastline and an equally beautiful historic center. It is not for nothing that tourism is the main source of income for the locals.

Top 10 tourist attractions Vasto

01. San Giuseppe Cathedral

Cathedral of San Giuseppe Vasto
Cathedral of San Giuseppe

The Vasto Cathedral of San Giuseppe is characterised by its Romanesque architecture. Highlights are the rose window and the portal, plus a “Madonan and Child Triptych” by Michel Greco da Valona.

02. Palazzo d’Avalos

The Palazzo d’Avalos was built in the Renaissance period and is the seat of the Museo Civico Archeologico (Piazza del Popolo – tel +39 0873367773).

03. Pinacoteca Comunale

The Pinacoteca Comunale is also in the Palazzo d’Avalos, as is…

04. Museo del Costume

…the Museo del Costume.

05. Vasto Marina

Vasto Marina is the coastal town belonging to Vasto.

06. Punta Aderci Nature Reserve

North of Vasto is the Riserva Naturale di Punta Aderci, with a rocky coastline untouched by the beach crowd.

07. Santa Maria di Punta Penna Chur ch

Santa Maria di Punta Penna Church: Church with a beautiful exterior and a somewhat neglected interior.

08. Piazza Rossetti

Piazza Rossetti is Vasto’s central square. Along the square are a number of towers.

09. Maria Santissima del Carmine Church

Built in 1638, th eMaria Santissima del Carmine Church replaced the San Nicola degli Schiavoni Church constructed in 1362. The latter was the church of the Croatian municipality in Vasto. Mario Gioffredi was the architect of a renovation in the 18th century while the interior was decorated by Michele Saccione a few years later.

10. Punta Penna Lighthouse

Punta Penna lighthouse.

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