Top 10 tourist attractions Verona

Arena Verona

The entire historical center of Verona is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It goes without saying that it is difficult to make an objective top 10 tourist attractions, although the number one position is fairly easy to determine.

Top 10 tourist attractions Verona

1. Arena

Arena Verona

The famous Arena is the third largest amphitheater in Italy, but of the three it is the best preserved. During the summer months the monument is often used for opera performances.

2. House of Juliet

Juliet's Balcony Verona
Juliet’s balcony

Perhaps not in itself the most impressive sights of the city, the (supposed) House of Juliet is one of the most visited Verona tourist attractions. Couple line up outside, just to have their pictures taken with the famous balcony. Romeo’s rather less romantic house is located a couple of blocks away.

3. Piazza dei Signori

Piazza dei Signori Verona
Piazza dei Signori

The Piazza dei Signori is a cozy and stately square full of monumental buildings. Dante stands in the middle of the piazza, but the signori (gentlemen) are the men immortalized on the roofs.

4. Duomo (Cathedral)

Verona’s Duomo actually consists of a whole complex of buildings, including an early Christian basilica and the Baptistery of San Giovanni in Fonte. Unfortunately the square in front of the church is now a parking lot, which kind of ruins the beautiful facade.

5. Castelvecchio

A 14th century castle (Castelvecchio literally means “old castle”) that has been partly converted into a museum and includes part of the old defensive wall of Verona. The bridge leading to the castle is called Ponte Scaligero.

6. Piazza Bra

The Piazza Bra is really a bit of a cross between a square and a garden, with a beautiful fountain in the middle. One side has portico’s with cafes underneath where it’s nice to relax with an aperitivo in the early evening.

7. Piazza delle Erbe

The Piazza delle Erbe is the central square of the city and the former market square. This used to be the Roman Forum and even in those days a market was held here. It is flanked by several mansions, some of which are frescoed.

8. Roman Theatre and Archaeological Museum

The Teatro Romano, carved into a hill, is on the other side of the river. Although it was built in the 1st century, it was only discovered in 1830 when a number of buildings were demolished. An old monastery built on top of the theatre is now the seat of the Archaeological Museum.

9. Torre dei Lamberti

From the 13th century Torre dei Lamberti you can enjoy the best possible view over Verona and the surrounding area. There is an elevator if you don’t feel like climbing 84 metres of stairs.

10. Giardini Giusti

The Giardino Giusti is one of the most beautiful gardens in Italy. In addition to the plants and flowers, at the highest point of the garden you can enjoy a magnificent view over the city itself. A visit to the old apartment of the Giusti family, with its original furniture, is included in the entrance fee.

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