Top 10 tourist attractions Vignanello

The main tourist attraction of Vignanello is the Castello Ruspoli, famous above all for its beautiful symmetrical garden. The Santa Maria della Presentazione Church dates from the 18th century and was designed by Gazzale and Contini.

Top 10 tourist attractions Vignanello

01. Castello Ruspoli

Castello Ruspoli Vignanello
Castello Ruspoli

The Castello Ruspoli was built in the 16th century. The main attraction of this castle, which is only open to visitors on Sundays and public holidays, is the Italian-inspired Italian garden. The castle itself was designed by Antonio Sangallo the Younger and Vignola probably contributed to the garden.

02. Santa Maria della Presentazione Church

Santa Maria della Presentazione Church Vignanello
Santa Maria della Presentazione Church

The Chiesa Collegiata di Santa Maria della Presentazione was built in the 18th century. The patron was Francesco Maria Ruspali and the architects were Giovan Battista Contini (design) and Giovan Battista Gazzale (execution). A painting by Annibale Caracci can be admired in the apse.

03. Casini Ruspoli

The same architects who designed the Santa Maria della Presentazione Church were also responsible for the so-called Casini Ruspoli in 1772. The building is preceded by a large portico with five arches and is therefore also called the Palazzo con gli Archi. The coat of arms of the Ruspoli family can be seen at the top of the fa├žade.

04.San Giovanni Decollato Church

The San Giovanni Decollato Church was built in 1614. The main attractions of the church are a painting depicting the “Immaculate Conception” and the vault decorated with ceiling paintings. Since 1893, the church has also been dedicated to the Immacolata.

05. Santissimi Angeli Custodi Church

The Chiesa degli Santissimi Angeli Custodi dates back to 1705. The Sacconi Brotherhood used to sit in this church, which was built on top of the Borgo del Molesino.

06. San Sebastiano Church

The San Sebastiano Church was constructed in 1625. The person who commissioned the construction was Ottavia Orisini. The church houses a painting by Pomarancio. This “Coronation of the Virgin between Saints Francis and Sebastian” was donated to the community by Vicino Sforza in 1626.

07. Baroque Fountain

The Baroque fountain was commissioned by Francesco Marescotti in 1673. Its purpose was to provide water for the city. It is made of the stone type peperino. In the center of the pediment one can see Marescotti’s coat of arms. From the mouth of a large mask water falls into the basin.

08. Madonna del Pianto Church

The Chiesa della Madonna del Pianto was built in 1785. The construction of this round church was funded by the inhabitants of the town. The reason for its construction was a miracle that had taken place there.

09. St Francis Church

The Chiesa di San Francesco was built in 1618. Originally it was dedicated to San Biagio, the patron saint of Vignanello.

10. Madonna delle Grazie Church

One of the oldest churches in Vignanello. The Madonna delle Grazie Church is now incorporated in another building.

More points of interest Vignanello

  • The San Lorenzo Church with the Convent of the Suore Passioniste was built in 1915 using the estate of two nuns.
  • Santa Maria Vergine di Sudano Church (16th century).
  • The Madonna di Maregnano Church
  • The Porta del Molesino was built in 1692 and is also called Porta della Vignola. Its creator was Mattia de Rossi.
  • The town hall dates from 1856.
  • The Palazzo Pretorio Vecchio was built in 1618 and was replaced by the new Palazzo Pretorio Nuovo in 1730.
  • The Colonna Citatoria of Piazza Gramsci was made in 1730 by Giovan Battista Gazzale and now stands in Parco Ruspoli.
  • The Monument to the Victims of War

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