Torlonia Park Avezzano

Together with the Palazzo Torlonia, the Parco Torlonia is part of the enormous Villa Torlonia in Avezzano. The family’s former hunting lodge is now the seat of an agricultural museum. There is also an artificial lake in the park.

Torlonia Park Avezzano

History and description

Parco Torlonia Avezzano
Parco Torlonia

The Parco Torlonia is characterized not only by sometimes ancient trees and exotic plants, but also by the buildings and structures that stand there. Some of these used to serve as storage rooms and granaries for animals, but were converted to be used for exhibitions and fairs.

In the garden, one can see a unique collection of antique agricultural tools, which used to be used by the local farmers.

Another part of the garden is the artificial lake, graced by a cast iron sculpture representing the “Immaculate Conception”.

The octagonal hunting cottage located on the grounds has a sloping roof, which rises above the ruins. Next to it is a 19th century portico. After a restoration, the hunting lodge became the seat of the Museo della Civiltà Contadina e Pastorale (“Museum of the Peasant and Pastoral Community”).

Parco Torlonia Avezzano

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