Torre del Barbarossa Acquapendente

The Torre del Barbarossa in Acquapendente is the only part left of the former castle of Federico I Barbarossa. After World War II, a park was built around it.

Torre del Barbarossa Acquapendente

History and description

Torre del Barbarossa Acquapendente
Torre del Barbarossa

According to tradition, the Torre del Barbarossa is supposed to be the last vestige of the ancient castle of Federico I Barbarossa. Th castle is the place where his emissary Guelfo VI, deposed by the people in 1166, resided.

The tower already existed on the very first image of Acquapendente from 1572. However, it is not present on another print made ten years later by Guicciardi. In 1686, the tower and its clock make their comeback in a depiction by De Rossi.

The current appearance of the tower is the result of a 19th century reconstruction, when the bell chamber and battlements were added.

The park surrounding the tower was created after the end of World War II. Previously, the land was used by its various owners (both monastic orders and private ones) for vineyards and vegetable gardens.

For those who want to keep in shape, a running track has been laid in the park.

Torre del Barbarossa, Acquapendente

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