Torre Lambertini Bologna

The Torre Lambertini in Bologna was originally a tower house belonging to the family for which it was named. Later it became part of the Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo. The best view of the tower is from from the Via Rizzoli towards the Palazzo Re Enzo or the Palazzo del Podestà.

Torre Lambertini Bologna

Useful information

Address: Piazza Re Enzo, 1 – 40125 Bologna (BO). The tower is privately owned and can only be seen from outside. Public transportation: bus stop Rizzoli.

History and description

Torre Lambertini Bologna
Torre Lambertini

The Torre Lambertini was originally a “tower house” (casa torre). It was purchased in 1294 by the Municipality of Bologna to expand the municipal properties, until then consisting of the Palazzo del Podestà and the Palazzo Re Enzo.

The Lambertini family was on the side of the Guelphs during the struggle against the Ghibellines and had a large share in the expulsion from the city of one of the latter’s main supporters, the Lambertazzi. This happened in 1274, after a 40-day period of skirmishes, arson and looting.

However, they were even more famous for being the ones who captured the Sardinian king and son of Emperor Frederick II, Enzo. This king spent the rest of his life as a prisoner in the Palazzo Re Enzo, which ended up being named after him.

After the family died out only the tower remained of the glorious past.

What to see

The Torre Lambertini is 25 meters tall and has been reconstructed multiple times. The balcony, doors and windows, as well as the opening on the first floor all date from different periods.

The door with the small balcony on the eastern facade still belongs to the original tower. The larger entrance door and the wider windows, however, are from a more recent era. They were probably added when the tower was assigned to the Capitano del Popolo in 1255.

When the tower was incorporated into the palace, its interior underwent multiple mutations.

Torre Lambertini, Bologna