Torre dell’Orologio Viterbo

The Torre dell’Orologio is the tallest building in the Piazza del Plebiscito, the central square of Viterbo.

Torre dell’Orologio Viterbo

History and description

Torre dell'Orologio Viterbo
Torre dell’Orologio

The Torre dell’Orologio is 44m tall and was built in 1487, on the foundations of an earlier tower that had already had a public clock since 1424.

Other names for the Torre dell’Orologio are the Torre dei Priori and the Torre dei Monaldeschi.

The elegant iron structure that can be seen on the top of the tower was placed there at the beginning of the 19th century.

The tower itself is decorated with the coats-of-arms of several aristocratic families.

The present bell was placed there at the same time. This bell was actually forged in 1452 and used to adorn the Church of Santa Maria della Verità before it was moved to the Torre dell’Orologio.

Torre dell’Orologio Viterbo

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