Tourist Attractions San Lorenzo Nuovo

Unlike most villages and towns in the area, the historical centre of San Lorenzo Nuovo is not characterized by medieval, but by neo-classical architecture. The most important church is the San Lorenzo Martire Church on the central, octagonal Piazza Europa square. The Chiesa di Torano stands outside of the center.

Tourist attractions San Lorenzo Nuovo

San Lorenzo Martire Church

Tourist attractions San Lorenzo Nuovo - Church

The Chiesa Collegiata di San Lorenzo Martire is the main attraction of the town. The church was built in the 18th century, but the interior is graced by a number of works of art that are much older. These include a 12th century crucifix, paintings by Jacopo Zucchi and a bust of the pope who had the church constructed by Canova.

Piazza Europa

Piazza Europa - San Lorenzo Nuovo tourist attractions

The Piazza Europa is the main square of San Lorenzo Nuovo and, as such, the centre of what was considered an ideal city in the 18th century (at least by the architect Francesco Navone). It is octagonal in shape.

Santa Maria Assunta Church

The Santa Maria Assunta Church was built in the 18th century and stands next to the Capuchin Monastery. The church is much larger than monastery churches normally are. The decorations in the church, characterized by a single nave with six side chapels, are the work of the Capuchin Friar Fedele da San Biagio.

Madonna di Torano Church

The Madonna di Torano Church was built on the ruins of an Etruscan temple. Its main highlight is a fresco from the second half of the 15th century.

San Giovanni Church

Near the borough Val di Lago you can see the ruins of the octagonal San Giovanni Church, which was built by Sangallo in 1563.

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